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About our Project

The project is based on devices and market applications as well as own created as a result of R&D works (devices, controllers, applications) aimed at developing comprehensive hardware solutions enabling the measurement of electrical and non-electrical quantities, IT solutions for conducting diagnostics based on collected data and solutions enabling effective management / control of all actuators, integrated into the structure of a virtual power plant (power plants, energy storage, receivers).
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What is a VEP?

A virtual energy plant is a cloud-based distributed power plant that aggregates the capacities of heterogeneous distributed energy resources for the purposes of enhancing power generation, as well as trading or selling power on the electricity market.
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Our solution

Project's Mission

The system will be a specific trading platform dedicated to entities with conventional and alternative energy technologies dispersed across the national power system. The system will also be applicable in cluster and microgrid systems, it will also be implemented in the business activities of the project participants. The solution fits in with the currently promoted idea of creating intelligent energy networks. Intelligent networks and systems are characterized by autonomy, the ability to self-organize, adapt and make decisions, resistance to errors and failures, scalability, high quality of services, open architecture, and ICT security.
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