Green Energy System (GES)

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Green Energy System (GES) is a project that responds to the problems of energy stability, the supply of a permanent source of energy and the disposal of waste in an ecological manner without negative impact on the environment. GES is a power plant based on the treatment of municipal waste in a low-temperature process operating in a closed cycle without generating CO2 and harmful elements into the atmosphere. The solution we propose produces syngas that can be converted into gas (eg LNG), electricity or hydrogen. The production of these three raw materials contributes to increasing energy independence in a given region.




The implementation of the innovation will show which combination of energy systems is most effective for the production of sustainable energy, without interruptions in power supply. This will allow you to create a solution that will also be attractive in terms of price, generate savings and reduce the problems associated with interruptions in Kigali. This approach will increase our competitiveness in the market. This will increase the use of innovations in the energy sector and the industry related to waste disposal, which should positively translate into an increase in obtaining energy from renewable sources and a reduction in the production of waste that will not be used in any way despite such a possibility. This will give a chance to implement a broadly understood waste management plan.
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The implementation of an innovative system will allow us to introduce a new quality of waste and energy management in Africa, optimize the energy system, increase independence without losing the quality of the supplied energy. The technologically innovative "incinerator" will also allow for systematic care of the environment, not contributing to the deterioration of the climate and reducing the carbon footprint. The most modern equipment used will significantly reduce the production of CO2 and harmful substances that may threaten the environment and the quality of life of the inhabitants of Kigali.